Wine Theme Wedding – A Different Way To Say Cheers


A wedding is a time to celebrate, dance, drink and eat. This is a time when everybody should have a great time so their joy could be comparable to yours – as you step into a new world with your spouse. A wine theme wedding hence is simply perfect for such an occasion – of you both love wine. If you are among those who think wine themed weddings are a good idea, look up the following tips to make it a success:

  1. Great location – when you plan to base your wedding theme aroundthe location is very important. You would need to have a place where there is plenty of wine both in variety and quantity. Also, since wine is a beverage that enhances the joy at any party, you should have a place which has a good dancing floor as well. Wineries are good choices here because it has that you need, besides it can create a great ambiance with just the setting.
  2. Match food to the wine served – it is very important that the menu you choose for the wedding matches with the wine theme wedding you are planning. There are certain tings that need to be served with white wine and totally different things that need to be served with red wine. Ensure that there is no mismatch between the wine served and the food – or this would dampen the spirit of the party.
  3. Choose wines for the wine theme wedding – you could have only one type of wine (say red wine) and have it served in all its variety. Or you could have one type of wine served each time the meal course changes; for example, one wine with the hors d-oeuvres, cheese and another for the main course, another for the dessert, and so on.
  4. Have fun – you could have organized a wine-tasting hour where all you guests could participate in some fun and frolic while tasting different wines. This should be kept as he fun time after the wedding so you could remember some exceptional fun moments immediately after your marriage.
  5. Match the decor – the wine theme wedding would be even more charming of the decor totally complements the wine theme. Have the table cloths colored like the wine, have the table napkins cut out in the form of vine leafs, offer all your guests tiny coronets of vine to put on their heads, etc. Just make sure that wherever you turn it should speak of the wine wedding theme you chose.
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