Wishing Wells At The Wedding


Some couples choose to have a wishing well at their wedding, instead of a gift table. For some couples, especially those who have been together for awhile, or for those who do not need to set up a new household, the idea of a wishing well may be appealing. Some couples indicate that a wishing well will be at the reception when they send out their wedding invites, and may even say how they intend to spend cash gifts.

Receiving cash gifts at a wedding is nothing new. Wedding guests have given cash for years. But should you ask for cash as a preferred gift? The jury is still out.

Many young couples have no problem asking for cash in lieu of a wedding present, and their guests often find nothing wrong with writing a check out instead of searching for a wedding gift. Other guests bristle at the suggestion, and think that asking for cash is tacky.

To help resolve the matter, some travel agencies now offer wedding registries for honeymoon trips. Some banks are also offering down-payment accounts for couples who are planning to marry. Couples can include this registry information with their wedding invitations, or can ask their friends and family to spread the word regarding this kind of request.

For those guests who can’t bring themselves to make out a check, offering the option of making a charitable donation in the wedding couple’s name to a designated organisation may make guests feel more at ease. The charity should be able to tell you which guests made donations so you can address a proper thank you note.

Anyone who attends a wedding will know that cash is always welcome, but use common sense, tact and a good sense of humour when it comes to recommending cash as a preferred gift.

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