Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings


The members of UNESCO have declared 2007 to be “The Year of Rumi.” Eight hundred years ago that famous Persian poet passed on to a world that many poets struggle to depict. As this world remembers Rumi’s romantic poems, it seems appropriate to write about yellow sapphire engagement rings.

Rumi knew that the sapphire is not a yellow stone. According to one Persian myth, the world rested on the tip of a giant sapphire. Persians told their children that the blue in the sky came from the light reflected by the blue sapphire under the world.

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings
Photo: Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings

The makers of the yellow sapphire engagement rings do not have access to a special gem, one with an unusual color. The makers of the yellow sapphire engagement rings put their blue stone on a band of gold. Where do they get those blue stones?

At the time of Rumi, the civilized world had not yet discovered many of the places from which miners now extract sapphires. Three Asian countries hold a rich source of sapphires—Sir Lanka, Burma and Thailand. Three other continents also contain sapphire deposits. Sapphire mines can be found in North America (more specifically, in Montana), in Australia and in Africa.

If a modern-day poet wanted to pen a verse about yellow sapphire engagement rings, he or she would first have to decide what type of sapphire rested in the ring on which the poem would focus. Was it a simple round sapphire? Both women’s and men’s engagement rings can draw attention with such a simple sapphire.

A young bride-to-be might want an engagement ring in which the sapphire had diamond “partners” on each side of its place in the center of the ring’s setting. A future bride might thrill to show friends and family a white gold band with embedded sapphires. Either of those ring types exudes the romance of the yellow sapphire engagement ring.

There is yet another type of yellow sapphire engagement ring. It is one that would certainly challenge the poet who wanted to describe its beauty. The Cascade sapphire ring has raised metal at the top of the ring. The sapphire rests in that raised metal.

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