Your Wedding Accessories Guide


Getting married is really exciting and has got so much to do to get prepared, with perfection to the fullest extent, for the wedding day. The wedding accessories are a certain set of arrangements that add sense to the wedding ceremony and the reception function of the special and auspicious day. Starting from the decors to the bridal jewelry and handkerchief and lastly wedding favors, the wedding accessories include everything that ensure the smoothness of the function and in order to give a perfect artistic touch to every single aspect thereby. This is really a very long list and is really difficult to manage single-handed. As the rule of thumb, you should plan first and then make the list with every detail and then discuss with your family members and friends and finally with your finance. After all this will be the most special day in your life and every thing should be special as well without missing any point. You have to book the church, planning for the invitations, arrange for the reception, and make necessary decisions about the themes of celebrations.


The first step to have a high degree of satisfaction depends very much on how much care did you take to invite your special guests. Starting from choosing the invitation cards to select the theme of writing your message in the cards everything must be of great quality.

Wedding accessories – Bridal part

The bridal accessories include a wide range of things that is needed to make up the bride a perfect bride. The list includes the items such as the bridal purse, garters and charms, jewelry, dress that includes the wedding gown, gloves, foot wears and etc., handkerchief, silk bouquet, tiaras and etc.

Cake Toppers

This is an aspect that many of us generally either forget to include in the list or deliberately overlook thinking that it is too common to forget. But in many cases the event of ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake is not don according to the plan and choice. Hence proper planning is necessary regarding the issue and it is highly important to be ready to snap the pictures of the perfect moments. A professional photographer will do the thing much better.

Decorative wedding accessories

On the very special day it is essentially necessary to adorn everything with the utmost perfection. A smart assortment of the decorating balloons, bows, ribbons, roles, artificial satin flowers, original flowers, car decors, confetti and decorating staples are available. Choosing the right thing is what is important. Selection of colors must be such that the decoration matches the theme of celebration. Creativity and innovativeness are the essences of the aspect. Attention must be paid on the tabletop decoration, candles, candleholders, wedding favors and etc.


Remember that your guests are the pivotal subject matter on the very special day. They have attended to share your special moments with you. You should arrange for everything to welcome them and look after them.

Others necessary components

Certain other necessary components are wedding speech, wedding toasts and wedding vows. Care must the taken to prepare them with utmost dexterity. These are also some of the very vital elements in the list of the wedding accessories.

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